Company Overview

United Resource Holdings Group, Inc. (“URHG”) has the following projects:

Dun Glen Mining Corp


100% of Dun Glen Mining Corp. (“Dun Glen”) was acquired in May of 2011 to permit and develop an operating placer mine. It is located in Pershing County, Nevada, in the historic Dun Glen Mining Region that has historically proved mining results dating back to the mid 1800’s. The mine site covers 134 acres of patented land and 400 acres of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land for a total of 534 acres. Based on a 2011 geological evaluation report, the estimated mine life is 475,000 oz. of gold. Dun Glen has the following permits: a Small Mining Operator Permit, a Water Pollution Control Permit, an Air Quality Permit and a Reclamation permit issued by the Bureau of Mining Regulation of the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection.

The current mining circuit consists of the head ore being processed though a plant consisting of feed hoppers, conveyers, a rotating grizzly, a rotating trommel, sluice boxes, nugget traps, dual American jigs, dewatering plants, cutting tables and Goldtron. The ore is mined and hauled with excavators, articulating dump trucks, loaders, bull dozers, and other rolling stock.

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