GOOD NEWS from Dun Glen…we are actively mining GOLD. Over the last 10-14 working days we have slowly increased the tonnage per hour from 30 tons to 120 tons per hour. We are currently working to determine at what speed the circuit will recover the most gold per ton. Along […]

Gold Production Update

After speaking with several shareholders and having a Board of Directors meeting, it has been proposed that we hold our 2015 Shareholders meeting in the Spring of 2016. This will allow the meeting to take place as close to our mining operations as possible and have good enough weather for […]

2015 Shareholder Meeting Update

Testing and calibration of the new circuit was a huge success. We determined the new circuit has a higher capacity than originally thought. The testing did take us longer than anticipated, as we were hoping to have finished within 14 working days and it took us closer to 17. During […]

Testing Phase Complete at the Dun Glen mine

Sparks, NV – United Resource Holdings Group, Inc. (“URHG”) has posted its 2014 annual report. 2014 marked the first year in which URHG had income from gold production. The wholly owned subsidiary, Dun Glen Mining Corp. is no longer only in exploration phase but is now in the production phase. […]

United Resource Holdings Group, Inc. posts 2014 annual ...